About FaithfullyThere

To put it simply, God is faithful.

The name Faithfully There came from the never ending love, grace and mercy that the Lord continues to pour out on our lives. Faithfully There's purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through fashion and outreach.

The aim is to create fashion that encourages conversations that lead to sharing the Gospel with others. We pray that Faithfully There will be a vessel to inspire others to live and share the Gospel.

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The Founder


The majority of my life I gave all my attention to everything except God. When my mind and heart were wrapped up in the world, I always knew they didn't belong there. I approached a period in my life when I was searching for something--I began working on my relationship with Christ. I was making progress but I knew I was not giving Him my heart, mind, and soul. So, He sat me down ... literally. Sidenote, I'm a hooper! I spent a lot of my time in the gym playing basketball. Sometimes, I would put playing basketball over spending the needed time with God. Like I said, he sat me down. I tore my Achilles and I couldn't hoop for months. To say this was the easiest thing I've ever done would be a lie. I was torn (not just my Achilles) sometimes even depressed. But it was during that time that the Lord opened my eyes to who He is and changed how I lived life. This ended up being the most rewarding situation of my life.

I always liked fashion and I had a desire to go out and clothe the homeless. But not with just any kind of clothes. Clothes that would send a message of hope and bring glory to the Lord. It started with the idea of just making clothes and wrist bands for the homeless but God began to lead me in a direction to expand the expectations I had.